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About Metapolymath®

Metapolymath is a unique service brand which provides direct and personalized creative development to a great variety of people.

Our service is provided by Metapolymath LLC, headquartered at the Commerce Bank building in Lenexa, a city in Johnson County, Kansas, United States, and part of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.

This new company is the next evolution of personalized creative consulting service from its Executive Chairman, Kronah Wood.

Kronah has a long history of private creative consulting for a large number of individuals across a number of professions.

In the quarter century long history of consulting, the main service has been provided primarily to over 100 record breaking and award winning musicians.   

Kronah provides creative support in lyric/music integration confidentially, and as well in most projects has also bundled service to provide musicians with creative development of recorded and public performance design with the effort to increase consumer penetration and brand loyalty.

The continued request for consulting service is a testament to the value and results that are provided to the most sought after musicians.

In addition to assisting musicians, Kronah has also provided confidential creative consulting service to many rising and established leaders in acting, art, corporate execution, engineering, entertainment production, law enforcement, marketing, market entry research and development, philanthropy, politics, religion, security, science, writing and more; all with a wide variety of big success after the service is provided.

As the company develops, there will be transitions in the look and appearance of this site and apps to follow; but, the secure internet address https://www.metapolymath.com is the verified and authentic source of all activities related to Metapolymath®.

With this in mind, the service itself will evolve with its current mission, "To enhance and organize the ethical creativity of all polymaths."

Insights and developments within Metapolymath LLC can be followed via the Blogger link below and Twitter link above, and please be patient and accepting of the slightly eccentric appearance of our entrepreneurial polymath process.

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